Cape May Beach GlassFrom April 2011 from the VAEL Designs Blog:
Maybe because the flowers are starting to poke up out of the ground up here, but I get the sense spring is definitely around the corner, even if the weather is not. Last weekend, we took a trip down to the Cape May area and could not resist a walk down the beaches in search of beach glass. Call me crazy, but even with my ears feeling like they were going to fall off and my nose completely numb from the harsh wind and cold, I still felt the need to beach comb looking for those little treasures lurking in the cold shore line. We had to be extra careful not to get wet or I think our feet may have froze to the sand but it was well worth the trip as it has been a long winter. I am counting the hours to when we will be able to freely walk down the beach without the need to wear 3-4 layers of clothes and fear that our face might stay bright red from the cold forever.

It is always a game we play who can find the first piece of glass on our walks and this time I was the lucky one finding a nicely tumbled piece of brown beach glass. Although there was a lot of “sea trash” on the beaches, we were able to collect a few nice

Coca Cola Beach Glass

Coca Cola Beach Glass

pieces of glass and then some to be desired. Not all sea glass that we find is actually usable to make jewelry as we are very selective to make sure that the glass has a nice tumbled appearance. Then we make sure that the pieces we select do not have any large chips that detract from the beauty of the glass. Recently though, we have been finding some interesting pieces that are on the bigger side and not as well tumbled as we would like, but they certainly do tell a story. Some have had flower patterns on them, some from the old style Coca Cola bottles and others from what we are guessing are various beers!

Flower Patterned Beach Glass

Regardless of the patterns, there are some beautiful pieces we have found over last summer and our most recent trip. These pieces are sitting on my work bench waiting to be made into jewelry all winter long and now they will get the attention they deserve! Keep an eye out on our Cape May Jewelry line for new and exciting pieces as I will post them as soon as we have them ready to sell. I sense some new beach glass earrings on the way too!